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Church Mobile

It's time to upgrade your church's communications to an integrated All-In-One messaging service. Stop paying for a separate emailing service and a separate mobile texting service when you can save time and money with our one-stop-shop approach.

SureMessenger Solutions allow you to set up unique mobile keywords for your Jr. High and High School ministry, college youth group, Young adults and singles ministry, small groups, worship team church staff and the entire congregation.

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Community   Inspiration   Attendance

Let your members know how important they are to you! Send birthday wishes, get-well-soon messages and important updates using SMS text messages and email.

Send a voice broadcast to keep members included in on important decisions and church initiatives.

Set up keywords for members to text into for sermon highlights and sneak peaks.


Empower members throughout the week with words of inspiration and Bible verses using SMS keywords.

Encourage evangelism and foster relationship building by share stories and testimonials with ongoing Facebook and Twitter postings.

Gain e-newsletter subscribers through keywords and text message communications.


Get the word out! Send reminders and updates on church events and meetings using email, SMS text-messaging or voice broadcasting.

Last minute changes? Text everyone at once with the new information to reduce no shows.

Big event? Send out a voice broadcasting message to church members the day of and post reminders to Facebook.


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