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Social Media

Set up a Facebook Widget to connect with your existing fans, friends, and other active users who are on Facebook every single day! Collect peoples' contact info and have it automatically update your SureMessenger Solutions database so you don't have to do a single thing. Make sure to do a lot of advertising and let your Facebook fans know to go to your sign-up widget. Remember: The more you advertise it, the more contact information you'll collect, which is a KEY factor in determining how effective your marketing campaigns will be.


Use Facebook, Increase Sales!


  • Grow your contact list to further your reach your audience through promotions and announcements you post on Facebook for less the cost of traditional marketing.
  • Build trust and receive referrals using Facebook's popular platform for your word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.
  • Create ongoing relationships by getting to know your clientele and sharing your Facebook widget to help build your brand.
  • Increase revenue so you can continue adding on more services that keep customers coming back.
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